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Stanley Beckford C. G. Inc. Services

Stanley Beckford C. G. Inc. exists to solve the critical issues facing our clients as they go through business model and process changes.  Our unique approach is not only what differentiates us, but also what will help make you more successful.  We provide a carefully tailored range of services and solutions to help organizations facilitate change, optimize performance and achieve their vision.

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Strategic Planning and Capacity Building for Effective Execution

Expert Guidance

With over 24 years of experience in the areas of business management, leadership, training, project management, business process improvement and research, we have the expertise in strategic planning and execution to help guide your business to the next level.


We apply rigorous experience-based research insights to your M&A projects, Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances that strengthen your due diligence program in the specific areas of partner selection, integration planning, and benefits realization. 


We give you the framework to improve decision making around the optimal growth path for your firm based on its current level of absorptive capacity, and work with you to develop the specific capabilities you may need to win.

At Stanley Beckford C.G. Inc. we combine our insights and skills to help you define your mission, develop your strategy, and align your team, structure and processes to ensure business transformation and sustained growth.

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Operations: Project Management, Business Process Mapping and Optimization 

Grow Your Business

Business process alignment, integration, and optimization is essential to sustaining profitable growth.  There will be times when you need focused, disciplined and capable leadership support to ensure benefits realization from business process improvement projects, but you don't have the management time or capabilities readily available.  We can help by providing temporary management to support your team with planning and execution. 

  • You may need facilitation and training for your staff as they go through subtle but essential business process changes that often fall by the way due to a lack of focus and competing priorities.  We can help by delivering the training, clarifying the road map, and keeping the team focused on meeting set milestones. 

  • Supply Chains typically account for 60%-70% of a firm's working capital, 100% of its vendor network and is often the source of a competitive advantage.  A poorly managed supply chain is therefore a cost no firm can afford, but many often grow to accept.  We work with you to identify and address performance gaps, overlaps and duplication that often lead to significant avoidable costs and synergy losses. We apply and fully embed LEAN SIX SIGMA principles into your daily operations that eliminate waste, reduce costs, empowers your teams, and increase customer service levels.

Whatever the program or project to optimize operations, we will ensure that you get them done on time and at the standard required to win in the market place.

Enterprise-Wide Risk Management

Improve your control environment

Strategic and operating decisions create risks across your enterprise on a daily basis. We work with you to develop a robust risk management process that continuously identifies these risks and ensures the alignment of responses and controls across the organisation.

We constantly examine what other firms are doing to remain resilient and help you apply the most relevant best practice risk management tools and techniques.

We provide Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) training for your team and help you build firm resilience through tailored interventions that focus on ERM governance and framework design, risk identification, assessment, control design, and monitoring.


We equip your team with the tools and competence to identify and resolve the root causes of internal risks to the enterprise. 


We help to build your team's capacity to proactively identify  emerging risks and reduce the potential for negative impacts on the organization, while extracting the potential benefits.

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